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Brybelly wants your Hot Stamp Business!

The following types of chips are available for hot stamping: Striped Dice Suited and Diamond Suited Chips.

You can take advantage of Brybellys new hot stamp prices as low as 4.5c cents per chip at any quantity with a minimum of 500 chips.

Our new cost structure is very advantageous for those big deals! So lets get aggressive and go get them. Our new pricing works as follows:

Price per chip: As low as $.045 per chip

Price for foil per chip: $.045 per chip

Price per set up: $15

Price for 1st custom die: $50 (If applicable)

Price for each additional custom die: $15 (If applicable)

Use of stock denominations of initials will not incur a die fee!

Price per chip:

Suited: $.045

Striped Dice: $.047

Diamond Suited: $.055

Price per set up:

We charge $15 for each die that we have to set up on our hot stamp machine. Each set up takes up to 20-30 minutes. There is also significant waste when setting up our machine to properly stamp the chips in the center and at the proper depth. A set up charge is charged for every die that we use on a job whether it is one of our stock dies or one that you have made custom.

Price per die:

We charge $50 to have your first die made. If you need additional custom dies then each additional die is only $15. The dies can be completely customized to your name or brand. You will NOT incur a die fee if you use our stock initials or our stock denominations.

Use of Initials and Stock denominations do not incur a custom die charge.

Order Lead Time:

We are one of the fastest in the hot stamp business! We will ship your order within 14 calendar days from the day youve approved
Price: 1683.50

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