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This is the 750 Ct "Milano" Casino clay poker chip set from Clay smith Gaming in a black mahogany case. This set includes 750 real casino quality clay poker chips a free dealer button and 2 decks of playing cards. Clay smith offers true casino quality poker chips for the home player. This set includes: 100 $1 150 $5 50 $10 150 $25 50 $50 100 $100 50 $500 50 $1000 25 $5000 25 $10000. This chip is part of the Clay Smith Casino Clay line. This poker chip is of the highest quality and is casino quality by any standard. This clay poker chip uses compression molding techniques to achieve its professional look and feel.


This is the Desert Heat poker chip design. The Desert Heat inlay is set upon a Clay smith Gaming Greek Key molded poker chip. The Desert Heat has twelve thin stripes in bunches of three for its edge markings. The layout of this poker chip is similar to the very popular Mirage poker room casino chip. The Desert Heat inlay uses the sun and vividly colored palm trees to convey its warm desert theme. The denomination is well placed and easy to read on the left hand side of the inlay. The fictitious casino destination "Desert Heat Hotel" is written along the underside.

Edge Spots

The edge spots are also unique and exciting. Clay smith avoids using the simple 8 stripe approach or a boring dual colored rectangle when designing the chip edge spots. Triangles tri stripes quadrangles and multi colors rectangles are all apart of Clay smith gaming's edge spot arsenal.


The mold marks provide the chip with an identity even before you place the inlay. Casinos use a mold mark for security and branding. If your chips do not have mold marks then they will not look or feel authentic. Mold markings give a poker chip texture security and aestheticism. Mold markings give Clay smith poker chips
Price: 533.61

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