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Patent Pending Shuffling Process. Shuffle Techs patent pending shuffling process mimics hand cutting riffling and stripping in 90 seconds or less.

* Press the (3) Button and the machine will perform the Casino Dealers Shuffle. That is: 2 riffles 1 strip and another riffle. This option takes about 40 seconds. This option is recommended for most hands to speed play.

* Press the (7) Button and the machine will perform the full randomization shuffle. That is: 2 riffles 1 strip and five more riffles. This option takes about 1 minute and 20 seconds. This option is recommended when the order of the deck is known to players.

Translucent Lid. A translucent lid makes the shuffling process transparent and visible to all players. There is no way that a Shuffle Tech machine can be manipulated to stack the deck in favor of the operator.

Presentation Tray. Cards are ejected into our presentation tray which can be removed from the machine and passed intact to the dealer since nobody touches the cards until its time to deal.

Stand-by Mode. The presentation tray does not have to be in the shuffler for it to shuffle a second deck. The unit will complete the shuffle and then pause until the tray is returned. The shuffled deck will then be ready in less than 3 seconds once tray is inserted. This means you can actually use three decks to play the game (self-standing model only): one deck in play another one in the presentation tray ready for the next game and a third deck shuffling. This is a great feature for fast paced games such as heads-up or when an individual misdeals.

Compact and Portable. The Shuffle Tech machine is compact and portable. Its dimensions are 11 x 8 x 6 (lwh) and it weighs just 6 pounds. Smooth feet enable the machine to glide safely over fe
Price: 804.98

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